September 26, 2019


Cersaie 2019: Oak plays the leading role in the new kitchens and bathrooms from Gamadecor

The Elements E7 Roble Noche and E7 Roble Noche models meet all people’s needs, where storage areas become part of the decor.

The Last furniture is characterised by its simple shapes, and its multiple finishes in lacquered gloss, matt and laminate; it meets the demands and the needs of any project type.

Gamadecor has made natural oak its emblem for Cersaie 2019. This is how the two new kitchens are showcased, namely:  Elements E7 and E7 Roble Noche; with the Last Roble bathroom furniture.

Kitchens which blend in with the space

The Elements E7 Roble Noche model has been manufactured in Roble Noche carved wood with the XTONE Liem Dark Nature sintered compact mineral from Urbatek. This material shapes the main worktop, which in turn allows the ovens to be built in the worktop, as well as the VES system, therefore making the workspace more spacious.

Another series of E7 Roble Noche brings the Roble Noche carved wood together with the KRIONTM K-Life 1100 Solid Surface and the Lemurian Blue Pulido granite from L’Antic Colonial. Its large floating table of 2.50m x 1.50m has been manufactured with KRIONTM and it has got large open storage areas, such as the furniture and the top shelf.

Last: the state-of-the-art bathroom furniture

The Last bathroom furniture offers the necessary features to meet the needs of different bathroom types. Customisable according to the client tastes, this piece shows numerous finishes in lacquered gloss, lacquered matt, wood and laminate.

One of the other standout collections is Tomo in Leather Oak/Roble Cuero. Designed like theose old 19th-century desks, this piece of furniture is veneered in Copper Oak/Roble Cobre and perfectly contrasts with the purest white of the Slim basin in the Cien Sable finish.

Forward-looking bathrooms.

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