September 19, 2019


Gamadecor presents a chameleonic design in its Emotions 6.90 Roble Alba kitchen

This model keeps the work and storage areas hidden by bringing them into a single structure, as well as extending the capacity of the rooms.

Made of oakwood, this collection can be customised depending on the requirements of each project.


A kitchen that blends in with the atmosphere, it keeps the work and storage areas hidden, and also extends the capacity of the house. These are the objectives that Gamadecor has achieved with its Emotions 6.90 Roble Alba model.

Its chameleonic design keeps appliances and furniture hidden in order to bring them into a single structure, and furthermore, it reformulates the traditional concept of the kitchen. ‘What we are after are kitchens that are much more integrated, which match with the rest of the project. For us, the kitchen should not be isolated from everything else, but it should be an area of cohesion for getting together in; it is just as important as the living room’, the company explained.


Made of oakwood, Emotions 6.90 offers a carefully-worked look, banking on open unlimited spaces, as in the case of the open kitchens. Its mechanised mitred handles on the edge of each different type of furniture, refine the look of the furniture itself, making it a cult object in the process.

The taste of subtlety.


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