March 22, 2021 | Updated: March 23, 2021


Hidden kitchens by Gamadecor for true gourmets

The PORCELANOSA Group firm presents open-plan kitchens linked to the living room with systems that cleverly conceal doors, furniture and worktops.

Open-plan kitchen/living rooms have redefined how we use and think about this part of the home, with infinite worktops, modular cabinets, drawer units and fold-out furnishings integrating the kitchen perfectly with the rest of the space. Here are four potential options you can use with hidden door systems by Gamadecor. 

The PORCELANOSA Group firm presents ultra-hygienic, spacious kitchens that champion order and light, with models including Forest, Darwin and Jawa.



Forest, for the creative kitchen

Designed in premium wood, this kitchen is a response to the culinary principles of observation, experimentation and creativity.


These principles run through the four-door cabinets (which fold out from the centre) and closed structure that leaves the oven, freezer or microwave on the outside.

Designed to be installed against a wall and to separate your zones, the system can be personalised with a range of finishes available in natural oak wood veneer. And the Buffet Forest model gives you the option for either a horizontal or vertical system (New Buffet Forest)

Darwin, for the subtle kitchen


The panels of this model can house 1, 2 or 4 doors, hidden by the overall structure, and with this model, the fridge, oven and microwave are moved inside behind closed doors. The effect is of an accordion kitchen, closed with a magnetic door.


Jawa, for the cutting-edge kitchen


Built into the wall with vertical wood doors, the Jawa system stands out for its breadth, versatility and multiple finishes available (laminates, wood laminate and veneer).

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