July 17, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Gamadecor is positioned at the forefront of kitchen furniture sales in Spain

The firm, which belongs to the PORCELANOSA Group, is now in first-position in the Ranking carried out by Cocina Integral. 

Since 2010, this firm has increased its turnover by 14 points, resulting in a total profit of 37.646.000 euros during the 2016 period.

Gamadecor, the firm which belongs to the Porcelanosa Group and which is specialised in the manufacturing of kitchen furniture, is positioned at the forefront in the latest ranking carried out by the Cocina Integral magazine about the 2016 kitchen furniture Spanish companies.

In the issue, connected with the Kitchen Furniture Association (AMC), the growth of Gamadecor’s turnover in the last years is confirmed. Out of the 64 companies being analysed here, Gamadecor has achieved in being positioned at the forefront of the sales with a total amount of 37.646.000 euros during the 2016 period. We are dealing with an amount which outnumbers Santos Cocina and Baño S.L (€20.215.000) and Concepto Hábitat Dica S.L. (€18.772.000).

Exports, logistic growth and human capital

Gamadecor is the first firm from the Porcelanosa Group which is out of the tile sector. Founded in 1987, its main role has been to develop integral solutions for kitchens and bathrooms.   

The technological advances applied from its headquarters in Vila-Real, the technical resources which are included in every collection, and the strong commitment with the multifunctional and intelligent designs, have been the key elements in the growth and transformation of the company. An evolution where the cutting-edge aesthetic of its products and the exports, which have already reached 80% of the total production, have played an important role.

Because of these results, Gamadecor has become a benchmark as far as kitchen furniture is concerned. Consequently, its logistic area and labour force have grown as well, which today, counts on some 270 employees. The firm has recently extended its warehouse in Vila-Real, which is spread out over an area of 21.000 square metres, out of a total of 140.000, and furthermore, it will be provided with state-of-the-art technology.

Being present in more than 30 countries on five continents, Gamadecor has now got its own stores in: Spain, France, the UK, the USA, Italy, Portugal and Germany; and furthermore, it has more than 100 independent distributors.

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