July 9, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


The 11th PORCELANOSA Awards: Cutting-edge diversity in PORCELANOSA Group

Zeta Infografia, one of the finalists in the category of Professionals - Forward-Looking Projects.

The showroom design for the PORCELANOSA Group is based on the high quality of the Krion® Solid Surface.

The Zeta Infografia architecture studio, made up of: Reyes Seijas Marquez, Ana Fernandez Gil de Sagredo, Bea Fernandez Gil de Sagredo, Jorge Fernandez Gil de Sagredo and Juan Fernandez Gil de Sagredo; is one of the finalists at the 11th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards, in the Professionals – Forward-Looking Projects category.

The challenge of creating a showroom for the PORCELANOSA Group headquarters has been resolved with a space in which the visual power of the firm's products showcases the innovative essence from the eight firms.

A completely transparent central area allows the visitor to discover, with a single glance, each of the parts that make up the space. This open structure connects atmospheres of a different nature with the intention of creating a context of creative quality.

Multifunctional exhibition with the Krion® Solid Surface versatility

With the aim of materialising the essence of the PORCELANOSA Group, Zeta Infografia suggests integrating completely different stands in the same space that show the cutting-edge style of the firm.

The Krion® Solid Surface mineral compact is the common thread on which the different atmospheres are built through the circular roof, the windows and the desks. For the floor tiles, an anti-slip model from the Ston-ker collection from Porcelanosa has been chosen. A material of great beauty and quality that collaborates in the creation of the atmosphere of the space.

The project has a cafeteria that works as an oasis and it is easily identified due to its backlit floor with an intense black colour and the counter made with Krion® Carrara soft.

Immersion in the heart of PORCELANOSA Group

The most futuristic side of the firm is exemplified by the possibility of visualising spaces through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. These are complemented by real pieces of bathroom countertops, shower trays and Systempool accessories.

The different stands are connected to each other through the wall tiles and light profiles by Butech that help the visitor to get around the showroom.

In the centre of the exhibition, we find a waterfall that replaces water with vegetation, evoking nature and providing the necessary harmony to the space. A synergy between the cutting-edge art and the interior design that the PORCELANOSA Group wants to transmit to professionals and individuals; this is reflected in each of its pieces.

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