August 1, 2022


How to combine colourful furniture in your bathroom

The shades of these elements influence your overall decoration, adding a touch of personality and bringing harmony or contrast to the whole.

The bathroom is a space that is intimate and busy all at once, and we are seeing more and more colour in this area. It can be used uniformly, respecting the colour range of each of the elements, or by combining different shades to achieve the desired effect. The style you wish to radiate, along with that of the rest of the home, will depend on this choice.

Bathrooms with a stroke of colour

You do not need to fill your space with eye-catching shades to achieve a colourful bathroom. It is common to introduce significant nuances to furniture with natural finishes or in classic black and white. This is the case of orange, which is added via small brush strokes, creating a pleasant and relaxing energy. This combination can be found on the Leaf pieces of furniture by Gamadecor with Safrán Matt accessories.

Shades of the Mediterranean

Inspired by the lovely weather enjoyed by the region, the desire for a fresh and harmonious space leads us to choose Mediterranean colours in our design. A good example is blue, an elegant and tranquil colour that can be used to create calm and serenity. This is one of the most used colour choices in interior décor, whether for furniture, tiling or accessories, as the contrast it creates with white or copper brings light to the room. This can be seen in the Lounge Night Blue cabinet, combined with the Slender sink and the Lounge Copper taps by Noken.

Grey is another alternative for creating a Mediterranean atmosphere. This more neutral shade enables you to create relaxing spaces that perfectly fit with natural wood elements (Liem Gris Nogal furniture by Noken).