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PORCELANOSA presents its sensory experience during Milan Design Week 2023

From 17 to 23 April, the Porcelanosa showroom in Milan was transformed into a laboratory for the senses as part of Milan Design Week. 

The most renowned international event on design and architecture is an absolute must for discovering the latest innovations in materials, design and technology. Yet again this year, PORCELANOSA was present at the Fuorisalone event, with an experimental proposal to showcase its latest collections. 

Fuorisalone - Virtual Reality Tour - Porcelanosa Milano


PORCELANOSA at Fuorisalone 2023 

This professional event has been held in parallel with the Milan Auto Show for over four decades. It has now cemented itself as the most important international gathering of designers, architects, design companies and other industry professionals.  

In its latest edition, the "Future Laboratory" theme suggested reflecting on what our future relationship with design and the architecture that surrounds us might be like. 

Against this backdrop, Porcelanosa showcased a special proposal at its Plaza Castello store, the exhibit space located opposite Castello Sforzesco, one of the leading venues hosting Brera Design Week. Revolving around the sensory experience provided by every stimulus in our environment, Porcelanosa Sense Lab taunts the senses, appealing to the relevance of the sensations that connect us with the spaces we inhabit. 


Sense Lab, a stimulus for the five senses 

This specific sense lab offers a veritable experience for each of the five senses. Through various workshops and the use of technology, design professionals and enthusiasts who visited Porcelanosa's Milan showroom during Fuorisalone were able to actively experiment with all five senses, namely smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch. 

Smell: Aromatherapy Workshop 

Aromas evoke memories and emotions, unconsciously transporting us to places and moments etched into our memory.  

By playing with these sensations, visitors experimented with the Relax, Flowers and Energy fragrances incorporated into Noken's Seasons and Lounge aromatherapy systems. They also discovered the woody character and touches of the Porcelanosa Essence aroma, a hallmark of the firm's sales spaces.    


Hearing: ASMR – The pleasant sounds of home 

The space devoted to this sense featured a combination of sounds that we can find at home and that can help us unwind, such as the sound of a revitalising shower or a crackling fireplace. 


Fuorisalone - Porcelanosa Milano - Virtual Reality Tour


Sight: Virtual Reality Tour and Interior Photography Workshop 

The visual proposals began with a virtual visit to the nueva planta de producción de XTONE® the most modern and automated plant in the world. This virtual tour allowed visitors to walk past fully automated production lines while learning about the world's most advanced technology for producing large ceramic tiles. 

A select group of professionals also attended the interior design photography workshop, which was taught by an experienced professional photographer. The participants received lighting, framing and composition tips and techniques to use their own smartphones as a work tool and achieve stunning photos of interiors. They then were able to put their newfound knowledge to use in the Porcelanosa showroom itself, capturing surprising snapshots of the space. 


Touch: Moodboard 

Touch is a fundamental part of our sensory experience, one that allows us to connect with the physical world and with other people in a deep and meaningful way. 

Through this sense, we can perceive the texture, temperature, pressure and vibration of the objects we touch. This was the central idea of Touch Space, where professionals were able to appreciate everything from the furrows in natural wood to the reliefs of ceramic textures, and even the comfortable warmth of Butech's radiant system, all through the sensory experience of touch. 


Fuorisalone - Spanish sense Afterwork - Porcelanosa Milano 

Taste: Spanish sense Afterwork 

Surrounded by a lively atmosphere, with music included, design and architecture professionals enjoyed two busy gatherings Afterwork with a strong Spanish flavour at the Porcelanosa Milan store. 

Both networking events linked interior design and architecture to a tasting of Spanish products, in collaboration with La Casa Ibérica and San Miguel. The experience seduced the palate of all the attendees. 


Porcelanosa's ceramic tiles at the Universidad Statale in Milán 

In addition to the event, workshop and exhibit programme held at the Milan store, Porcelanosa also took part in the Fuorisalone in Milan through the installation promoted by Tile of Spain and ICEX at the Università degli Studi di Milano. 

Seating experiments with Spanish ceramic tiles is the installation created by designer Tomás Alonso, in which he experiments with different types of seats covered in a variety of ceramic textures, colours and formats from leading Spanish ceramics manufacturers. 

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