January 18, 2019 | Updated: October 1, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Frankfurt airports uses KRION™ in one of its establishments

The cafeteria chain, Perfect Day, which is located in Terminal 1, has seen this compact mineral used on its structure.

The 3Deluxe studio from Germany has overseen the renovation of this space with a more resistant and minimalistic composition.

In order to provide greater character for the whole of the space and to enhance its authenticity, the Perfect Day cafeteria chain in Frankfurt airport has used the KRION™ mineral compact on its installations.

Located in terminal 1, the aforementioned establishment banked on the guidance and intervention of the 3Deluxe architecture studio, whose main objective for this project was for both travellers and visitors to notice it straight away. In order to do that, the team of professionals designed a space similar to that of a spaceship with the white 1100 Snow White from KRION™.

A balanced circular design

The KRIONSolid Surface presents high malleability and transformation in all of its designs. Properties which favour circular and curvilinear combinations in certain areas. Its zero-porosity, it bacteriostatic character, its high thermocurvable capacity, its resistance to impacts and its low maintenance all turn this material into the ideal solution for food establishments.

The light, combined with the white surfaces in the cafeteria, leads the way in the atmosphere which is created in this café. As well as that, the structure carried out with KRION integrates different chromotherapy settings, which create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere.
Design cosmology.

Photos by Roger Richter

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