April 18, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


The PORCELANOSA Group forest grows at the Fuorisalone in Milan

The compact mineral KRION® Solid Surface and its KEAST technology give life to a plant space of 140 square metres

In this joint project between the firm and the Architetture Pierattelli studio, interactive canvases that will be visible for 24 hours, are incorporated

Delimited in the Milan design week, the PORCELANOSA Group will participate from April 16 to 22 at Fuorisalone next to the Architetture Pierattelli studio. The chosen space will be the Hidden Garden of Piazza Gae Aulenti.

For this event, an infinite 140 square metre forest with 3.30 metre-high panels built with KRION® Solid Surface have been designed. This surface has been coated with interior mirrors, whose visual effect is reminiscent of a natural oasis full of trees, plants and flowers.

Thanks to the malleability of the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral, the structure changes its colour according to the time of day. Its translucent design enables light to be projected from the inside.

To encourage citizen participation, all visitors who wish to do so, may decorate any panel of the exhibition. On these interactive canvases, incorporate drawings, phrases and symbols, that will be visible for 24 hours, can be added. Later, they will be deleted so that a continuous artistic creation can take place.

The objective of the Pierattelli's Architettura studio is showing how the simplest solutions can generate eternal emotions. Hence the game of mirrors, intelligent nature and writing on the wall.

The outdoor panels, created by the Italian company Bruni Costruttori, are made with the KRION® K-Life material. A revolutionary mineral compact with new features based on the photocatalysis process.

This substance has activators that, when in contact with any type of light, offer properties like air purification.

The garden, open to the public, hosts 200 aromatic plants, 4 large trees and a winding path that enables the whole area to be enjoyed. A space that can also be visited after sunset thanks to the outdoor lighting designed for this event. Combinations of lights and shadows in infinite spaces.

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