October 29, 2019

Fontana from Porcelanosa: a ceramic collection based on Carrara marble

The company presents a new 59.6cm x 150cm format for wall tiles, in a shade variation finish. Its grey veining accurately reproduces the contrasts of natural stone.

Resistant to extreme temperatures and humid atmospheres, the pieces from this series provide both interior and exterior rooms with a style which is more artistic. 

Porcelanosa goes back to Ancient Rome in its new Fontana collection. With Carrara marble and ancient Roman altars as the model, the pieces from this series accurately reproduce the greyish veining of this stone. Such is the thoroughness that comes with this surface, that its lines seem to be always in motion, therefore giving the rooms a great deal of dynamism.


A purer white

The brightness of Fontana makes the purity of white more intense, approaching a new perspective with some contrasts and light combinations which are clearer and more balanced. This effect provides spaces with greater spaciousness, since the separation between the pieces is very little, therefore, that union between the spaces is enhanced.  

A result which is achieved both in its 59.6cm x 59. 6cm format for floor tiles and also for wall tiles, where everything that has been set out to date is reformulated with new sizes: 59.6cm x 150cm. This innovative formula will be applied to other collections from the company, namely: Durango and Marmi China.

The main advantage offered by this collection is that its edges are perfectly defined, allowing unlimited rooms without divisions to be created. The resistant, timeless and minimalist design of its pieces is enhanced with its finishes in gloss and shade variation; they can be combined with natural wood, iron or glass structures, such as chandeliers and mirrors with state-of-the-art LED lighting.


That combination of classicism and modernity perfectly matches the modern classical style or the vintage style, where weathered wood furniture and bathtubs with Elizabethan-styled legs stand out.

A collection which neither gets old nor becomes deteriorated.


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