November 7, 2019


Fiori di Bosco, the most Renaissance collection from XTONE

This series from Urbatek finds its inspiration in the Italian grey marble with its thickness ranging from 6mm to 12mm.

Its three finishes highlight the shine and that cut-to-size feature that each of their pieces have.

Urbatek, the company from PORCELANOSA Group has expanded its lines of action with a new series, namely: the Fiori di Bosco. On a pure Italian grey marble basis, its porcelain pieces come in three different thicknesses: 6mm, 9mm and 12mm. Its installation can be as a 120cm x 120cm and 150cm x 150cm floor tile; as a 120cm x 250cm/150cm x 300cm wall tile; or a 154cm x 328cm countertop. All of them are included in XTONE and XLight.

Fiori di Bosco reproduces the fossil features and the grey-cream degradations of natural marble in detail, as well as refining its look even more through a warm and soft texture. Some features which are enhanced in each of its veining, whose depth and trajectory give greater brightness to intimate spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.


Its versatile and unique character is present in all of its finishes: Nature, Polished and Silk; each of them increases the interior design to which they belong. This is what happens in Nature, whose neutral and faint tone become the ideal complement for rustic and vintage spaces.

As far as Silk and Polished are concerned, since they come with more contrasts and light changes than the first finish, their presence in those minimalist and Nordic interiors turn the material into just another common decor object.  

A marble-inspired collection with a renaissance spirit.

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    1. Dear C. Vandenbroucke-Grauls,

      There is a Fiori di Bosco version (120×120 cm) suitable for flooring, including kitchens and bathrooms.
      Thanks for your interest!

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