January 14, 2021 | Updated: January 21, 2021


Finish Studio: where tradition meets ultra-modern, for unique bathrooms

The PORCELANOSA Group brand Noken adds further aesthetic options to its bathroom pieces with customised finishes ranging from metallics to matt colours.

Noken ushers in 2021 with a new bathroom collection in which tradition and the ultra-modern are brought together with the most natural of finishes. Going by the name Finish Studio, the PORCELANOSA Group firm presents its innovative aesthetic for baths, washbasins, toilets, taps, accessories and shower trays that will elevate each piece into a work of art. “The combination of innovation, meticulously selected materials, and a production process in which we take care of every detail results in natural coloured yet vibrant pieces with unbeatable performance that feel amazing“, explains a Noken representative.

Customised baths and showers

Baths become design icons with Finish Studio. The finish is applied to the outside of the bath through a hand-crafted process, and comes in any RAL chart colour or metallics such as matt titanium, gold or copper.


You can enhance the customised design further with signature taps such as Vitae, designed by architect Zaha Hadid, or the geometric Lounge collection, with clean lines that emphasise the stunning simplicity of every piece.

The finishes available for Slate shower trays echo the look of stone and wood, enhancing the overall look of the bathroom by brightening up each zone.

Designer toilets

Finish Studio colours can be used to accent the design of toilets in the Essence-C, Lounge, Acro Compact and Architect collections. Highlights include candy purple, pastel beige, turquoise green, ocean blue, twilight blue, cobalt blue, crocodile green, canary yellow, sand beige, jet black, fusion grey, pearl grey, matt grey, matt black and matt white.


Acro Compact

Ultra-refined round washbasins

Finish Studio can also be manually applied to the Slender range, in colours Deep Concrete, Dark Concrete, Limestone Concrete, Steel Concrete, Gold and Copper.The look will add even more refinement to the round forms and delicate edges.

Taps, shower heads and accessories in full colour

Noken taps and bathroom accessories are jumping on the colour trend with stainless steel materials and Premium finishes by Finish Studio. Special skins for bathroom and kitchen taps, showers and accessories are available in colours ranging from matt black and gloss white to metallics such as gold, titanium, brushed titanium, copper and brushed copper finishes, transforming the bathroom into an art space.


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