November 4, 2013


Find your nearest shop with the new PORCELANOSA search engine

PORCELANOSA Group continues to innovate in its aim to get closer to its clients. On this occasion we have developed an online search engine on our web page so you can quickly and easily locate your nearest PORCELANOSA shop from wherever you are.Once you are on our webpage, go to the “shops” section and click on the link “Find your nearest Porcelanosa shop”. The authorised PORCELANOSA Group shops and distributors from around the world shall be geographically located on a coloured map. PORCELANOSA shops shall be displayed in yellow; authorised distributors in blue, PORCELANOSA Associate shops in green and the Group’s main headquarters in red.Among the benefits offered with this new tool are different geographical search options on the map. There is even a geo-localisation option that detects where the user is on the map and displays their nearest sale points.In addition, searches can be carried out using tabs, limiting the area by country, region etc. You can also conduct direct searches by typing the name of your area or region which you want to receive information on.Moreover, this new search engine provides contact details, types of products and services which you can find at each sale point, and it allows you to filter the brand and type of product you desire.This new tool is undoubtedly a step towards for the comfort and well-being of our clients. Discover your nearest PORCELANOSA Group shop or distributor with a single click of the button.


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