September 3, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Architecture awards

Finalists of the 7th Porcelanosa Awards: Rubén López Cristóbal and María Morella Ledesma

Today we discover In&Out, the showroom designed for the seventh edition of the Architecture and Interior Design Awards organised by PORCELANOSA Group, by two Interior Design students from the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón (Zaragoza) design school, whose functionality and aesthetics surprised the judges of the latest competition.

“Geometry will solve the problems of Architecture”. Guided by this maxim from Le Corbusier, who proposed to prioritise logic in architectural aesthetics, Rubén López Cristóbal and María Morella Ledesma created an elegant commercial area where space acquires a practical dimension.

Dividing a cube shaped area, the designers include a series of hanging cubic elements which connect the interior and exterior, working both as display areas and window displays. This solution is visually attractive and highly functional.

On the two widest facades the showroom can be accessed, reinforcing the symmetry of the building, which is constructed as a compact, balanced space. On one of the facades, through a glass box, the stairways which give access to the technical area for architects and designers can be seen. This is a solution which also allows the natural light which enters the work space to be used.

To facilitate the change of the pieces of ceramic covering in the different spaces, the designers propose the use of magnetised surfaces on the interior walls of the exhibition cubes, allowing the adaptation and modification of the displays according to the needs and trends of the moment.

Don’t miss the complete album on Flickr about this project, checkit out following this link.

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