August 27, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Architecture awards

Finalists at the 7th Porcelanosa Awards: the Single-family home by Solís Decoración

This single-family home was built in a residential estate in the Spanish town of Puente Genil in Córdoba. This masterpiece is the work of the studio Antonio Solís Carnerero (Solís Decoración). The project involved a variety of materials and technical solutions by all of the PORCELANOSA Group firms and was among the finalists at the 7th Architecture and Interior Design Awards.

Two asymmetrical cubes form the main structure of this cutting-edge house, where the predominant feature is natural light thanks to a glass surface that covers all four façades on both buildings.

The bathrooms are equipped with fittings, washbasins and taps from the Soft, NK Logic, City, NK Compact, NK One and Hotels series, all by Noken. The master bathroom is dominated by a suite from Gamadecor’s Neo collection that conveys sheer state-of-the-art and minimalism.

In addition, two of the bathrooms were decorated using ceramic and mosaic products by several of the PORCELANOSA Group firms, in combination with Pro-mate 3 decorative touches by Butech. One of the bathrooms was designed seeking a fresh and modern look, blending Sea Silver, Sea Blanco and the Manhattan Mix Silver mosaic, all by Venis, with Glasgow Silver floor tiles by Porcelanosa. With a view to achieving the same contemporary and elegant result, another of the bathrooms was adorned with a combination of ceramic wall tiles by Porcelanosa – Seul Nacar and Qatar Nacar – with the Treasures Mist Shannan Strip mosaic by L’Antic Colonial, blended with Porcelanosa’s Ceilan Marfil floor tiles.

The house also boasts a leisure area with a fireplace, where the chimney is tiled with a combination of Jersey Mix mosaic and Oxford Castaño ceramic parquet, both by Porcelanosa. There is also a chill-out area decorated with Porcelanosa’s Roble Casona ceramic laminate wall tiles and paved with Ipe Iguazu Wood flooring by L’Antic Colonial, which leads towards a porch that links the inside of the house with the outside, with a large garden and a swimming pool.

The porch area is fitted with a choice of raised technical paving to level off the ground, which involves a Butech constructive system with Ródano Acero flooring by Porcelanosa, Meanwhile, the swimming pool area is paved with a combination of Minibroken Edge Negro ceramic mosaic, using Paradise Round Stone Blanco for the base, both by L’Antic Colonial, and the Oxo Garden Gris model by Porcelanosa on the sides for an original and fun effect.

Don’t miss the complete album on Flickr about this project, checkit out following this link.

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