October 23, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Architecture awards

The 10th PORCELANOSA Group Awards Finalists: Future ARQ, a futuristic work space

The Forward-Looking Project – Professionals at the 10th PORCELANOSA Awards is based on an architecture and interior design office developed by the Valencian architect, Manuel Salvador Muñoz.  

The project

The general concept of the design for this space consists of a merger of curved shapes, structural perforations and geometrical partitions. A real battle of three modern styles which perfectly match creating open bright spaces full of personality together. Wall tiles, floor tiles and furniture play a key role when projecting the concept of innovation, modernity, elegance and uniqueness.

The rooms in the project and their materials

It is worth highlighting this project as far as the construction is concerned, because of the use of different materials from the PORCELANOSA Group in structural items, furniture and lighting.

The façade

One of the pieces playing a major role in the project is the façade, since the originator wanted to make reference to the ten years of the Architecture and Interior Design Awards from the PORCELANOSA Group, through an exterior design carved with the Solid Surface Krion® mineral compact. It meets the demands of a unique design in the form of a black colour and convex  zeros in white,  full of great uniqueness and personality.

The ground floor

The Work Studio ground floor is aimed at five well-distinguished uses, among them one can find the Hall area with a cloakroom. A space where the combination of two ceramic wall tiles by Urbatek in light grey and dark grey stands out. Materials which are separated by a Lux strip in white with 1.5cm-thick profiles by Butech. A composition which provides great elegance and contrast with the white from the walls and ceilings, manufactured with the Krion® Solid Surface mineral compact.

On this floor, one can also find the rest and leisure areas, the dining room with a built-in kitchen and the toilets. It is in the dining room area where the professionals in charge of the project have opted for a walnut laminate flooring from L`Antic Colonial, which perfectly blends in with the kitchen furniture from the Emotions collection by Gamadecor, the Jaspe series in a porcelain white finish. Additionally, the Krion® Solid Surface mineral compact is also present in the worktop and the dining room tables in black and white tones.

The first floor

The concept implemented on this floor is a mixture of curved geometrical lines and perforations of different shapes and sizes. A design which recalls modernism, uniqueness and a great sense of space and ambient lighting.

This Work Studio floor has been designed for different uses, such as the work area, the meeting room, the documentation and management areas, and the toilet area.

The ceilings are provided with an upper layer done by Butech in a kind of demountable ceiling with wood from the Cree Cerezo series. And a second layer manufactured with Krion® Lux in White and Black with curved shapes which achieve in blending with the walls up to the level of the floor tile.

Furthermore, in the meeting area an original lamp which starts from the ceiling as if it were a platform with “wings” has been created. A piece with a unique design which has been developed thanks to the malleability and brightness from Krion®.

With regard to the bathrooms, the choice for the bathroom is the Dess Roble Torrefacto from the firm, Gamadecor, with the basin and taps from the digital Mood series by Noken. A space where bathroom accessories and sanitaryware from Noken can also be found.

We are dealing with a work space which breaks away from the established rules through a modern, futuristic and elegant design.


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