December 14, 2022


Figure, the most elegant design of mosaics

Floral and geometric motifs decorate the walls and floors of bathrooms, living rooms and reception areas, enhancing the elegance of the spaces

An ancient tradition, creatively interpreted to adapt to the current design of spaces. Marble or travertine are the basis for natural stone mosaics, which reflect a timeless elegance and revolutionise the decoration of any setting.

The purity and naturalness of marble are back with the new L'Antic Colonial collection. Figure brings three mosaic models, where the texture of natural stone produces evocative results. The geometric compositions and flowers that adorn the pieces become part of a modern and contemporary interior design.

The mosaic design and neutral tones, with a matt finish, allow for different rooms to be decorated elegantly and with a unique touch. A very good choice for floor tiles and wall tiles in bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms, and for wall tiles in reception areas in public or commercial spaces.

The geometric figures and floral motifs in the Figure collection create dynamic and lively mosaics, with different shapes, such as shells (Shell Dark and Shell Light), spirals (Spiral Dark and Spiral Light) and flowers (Garden Greys). Its original look and irregular surface evokes depth and lends colour, naturalness and vitality to spaces.

The style of the mosaics, when used as wall tiles, combines perfectly with different flooring materials, such as natural wood (Java 1L Natural from L'Antic Colonial) and marble (Habana Dark Pulido from L'Antic Colonial). Natural stone surfaces for the washbasin, leather accessories and plants are some decorative options to combine with the mosaics.

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