13 August 2021 | Updated: June 8, 2023


The Fiduciaire company in Bordeaux chooses Krion® for its façade

Architects Nicolas Ragueneau and Antoine Roux design a moving building with the PORCELANOSA Group's compact mineral and technical solutions.

Formed by fine lines with rippling edges, simulating the leaves in a white forest, the façade of the Fiduciaire offices in Bordeaux's Quai de Paludate area has updated its image with Krion® K-Life 1100 compact mineral. This was the material chosen by architects Nicolas Ragueneau and Antoine Roux to create a sensation of lightness and movement, contrasting with the uniform tones of the surrounding area.

A rugged-looking ventilated façade

To achieve this "ripple effect," Ragueneau and Roux used the rack system developed by the Butech Technical Department. With it, each piece of Krion® could be precisely positioned to create the façade's rugged pattern.

The architects and the firm worked together to apply customised technical solutions, resulting in a project that is fully adapted to its surroundings, enhancing its safety and cleanliness with Krion® 19 mm thick sheets.
The bacteriostatic properties of this Solid Surface, its high resistance to temperature changes and climatic conditions, the fact that it is almost totally non-porous and its imperceptible joins give the building a unique artistic touch.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Photo: Stéphane Adam

Architecture: Nicolas Ragueneau

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