December 26, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Interior design

Ferroker by Venis in the tourist centre of the Urals, in Russia

The Atlanta architecture studio, through the PORCELANOSA Group’s  distributor, Salon Bomond EKB, has installed one of the most resistant and durable products by Venis as the flooring in the regional tourism office exhibition room in the Urals, in Russia.

Since we are dealing with a very demanding space due to the high number of visits received every day, the choice has been Ferroker (59.6cmx120cm), a highly suitable material for public spaces with high traffic, in a metallic finish and with easy cleaning and maintenance properties.

Its moderate shade variation and tonality convey two completely different feelings: The blending in with the atmosphere and the creation of contrast. Hence, in the exhibition room one can find some pieces in brown and burnt orange, as well as metallic materials which perfectly blend in with the earthy metallic finish by Ferroker. Additionally, this ceramic flooring  generates contrast with some of the pictures hanging on the wall, and mostly, with the gaps located on the floor which remind us of a seabed.

Ferroker: one material, endless possibilities

It is worth highlighting that Ferroker is one of the most extensive collections by Venis. A total of five different formats and seven tones: Ferroker, Ferroker Aluminio, Ferroker Caldera, Ferroker Laton, Ferroker Niquel, Ferroker Platino and Ferroker Titanio.

The darkest model is the one found in the regional tourism office exhibition room in the Urals. Flooring which offers a strong industrial style and numerous structural decorative combinations. All of this, in a cultural atmosphere whose interior follows a sea theme.

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