February 24, 2023 | Updated: June 29, 2023



Butech presents the latest innovations in façades and prefabricated bathrooms

Introducing Monobath Eco, a new modular bathroom concept made from sustainable materials

PORCELANOSA Group‘s technical solutions firm continues to step up its investment in industrialised construction with a new 10,000 square metre specialised production plant.

Industrialised construction

After opening a production plant for PORCELANOSA Offsite, the range of prefabricated systems (kitchens, bathrooms and façades), last November, the firm is launching a new type of prefabricated bathroom, Monobath Eco. This system is enveloped in a wooden structure and made with sustainable materials from the different brands. Based on the eco-design philosophy, this model contributes to reducing the environmental impact and fosters the circular economy throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Demand for the modular façade system (Modfaçade) continues to expand and grow, thanks to the many advantages it offers over the traditional structure. The structure of this system allows the exterior finish to be made with XTONE® or XLIGHT, or with Krion®.

In terms of façades, Butech presents the latest version of the Modfaçade modular system, which, compared to traditional façades, incorporates exterior carpentry, improves thermal insulation and has an outer ceramic ventilated facing. Butech‘s technical team has also developed the ventilated façade system FV DST+AI without visible anchors for the new minimum thickness ceramic collections (XTONE® and XLIGHT from Porcelanosa).

Butech‘s technical team has updated its anchor-free ventilated façade model and presents a dual chemical bonding system, FV DST+AI. This new double bonding system has double-sided tape that has been reinforced with horizontal profiles.

Other new developments

The firm presents new models of laying materials, such as the limestone-coloured joint, developed to match some of Porcelanosa‘s most notable ceramic models: Bottega Caliza, Adda Sand, Adda Topo and Treccia Natural, with stone and cement effect. In addition, the Chrome, Texture, Metal and Black & White Aluminium profile collections include new 9 mm models, a perfect size for the new Porcelanosa ceramic tiles with 8.5 mm thickness.

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