15 February 2021 | Updated: June 8, 2023


Elegant and natural exteriors with 20 mm porcelain stoneware by Butech

The PORCELANOSA Group brand promotes safer and more resistant spaces, offering innovative solutions that enhance technical performance through more durable ceramic collections.

Porcelanosa's 20 mm porcelain stoneware represents a revolution in ceramic technical performance and design. The West, Riven and Rox collections by Butech are the perfect examples, demonstrating the firm's commitment to creating more durable and resistant products for large outdoor areas.

Inspired by stone, concrete and wood, all the 20 mm thick ceramic ranges and non-slip finishes can be used for a wide variety of applications such as raised flooring on plots, high-traffic outdoor paving or on landscaped areas - directly over gravel or turf surfaces.



In such cases, as well as supplying the extra-thick ceramic product, PORCELANOSA customers can get assistance from the Butech technical department for the design, calculation, supply and even installation of all the materials you need to ensure this type of flooring is fitted in just the right way.

West, for wood floors outdoors

West Brown Antislip
West Grey Antislip
West Coal Antislip

This aged-look ceramic wood stands out for its infinite hues and irregular grain. Designed to be used as outdoor raised flooring on plots (terraces, patios, swimming pools or gardens), this 20 mm series can also be installed over gravel, sand or turf.

Its low porosity and resistance to extreme temperatures and humidity make it an ideal choice for projects that seek improved safety yet with a more natural look. The three colours (Grey, Coal and Brown) and 60.5 cm x 60.5 cm x 2 cm format make each piece the ideal decorative choice.

Riven, wood with infinite hues


Riven Cream Antislip

In plank format and with a colour palette brimming with cream hues (Brown, Cream and White), this collection reproduces the grain and shine of the most minimalist wood, and is an excellent choice for terraces inspired by nature.


Riven Brown Antislip

Raised access flooring by Butech

West and Riven can be installed as Butech raised access flooring (RAF), and thanks to its durability and zero maintenance it's an excellent alternative to natural wood flooring. "This is a highly recommended ceramic installation system for exteriors, for both technical reasons and the way in which the ultra flat design allows rainwater to filter through the joints between tiles", explains a representative from the firm.


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