May 7, 2019


The new installment of Eternal Dates portrays everyday challenges through Minnesota Camel

In this second chapter, daily life with the Starwood series is shown.

The versatility and resistance of this ceramic wood allow for youthful and intimate atmospheres to be created.

Starwood launches a new chapter from the Eternal Dates series. In this second installment, the main actress will hold a dinner where the mishaps and anecdotes will be sorted out, with the Minnesota Camel series in the background.


A young and minimal house

The Minnesota Camel  floor tile from Starwood defines the overall atmosphere of this house. Its light tone contrasts with the white of the main sofa and the Premium Urban collection from Venis, the ceramic wall tile in the house.

The versatility and warmth from Starwood is also present in the house next door, where the main actress will show up because of a last-minute emergency. The Tanzania Graphite series comes in a greyish finish which contrasts with the walnut kitchen and the white shelving in the room.

Modern life with Starwood.


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