December 17, 2019


The “Eternal Dates” series by Starwood Porcelanosa Group takes the prize at the Luxury Advertising Awards 2019

The jury, made up of celebrities such as Victorio & Lucchino and Princess Béatrice D’Orléans, highlighted the company’s extensive audiovisual work in the field of communication and marketing.

For its photographic processing and the original way in which it demonstrated the characteristics of its ceramic wood tile, this multimedia project received two awards: “Best Production Innovation in Luxury Advertising” and “Best Contribution to Brand Development in Branded Content Luxury”.

For its corporate communication strategy and the way in which it brings the product closer to customers, the series ‘Eternal Dates‘ by Starwood (PORCELANOSA Group) won two awards at the Luxury Advertising Awards.


At the gala, held on Monday at the Lara Theatre in Madrid, Starwood’s production received the awards for “Best Production Innovation in Luxury Advertising” and  “Best Contribution to Brand Development in Branded Content Luxury”. “When we decided to make the jump on to the screen and start the ‘Eternal Dates’ project, we knew it would be complicated but that it would be worth it. We wanted to innovate, to present something new in our sector because a company had never made a series before to show the benefits of a product“, said the creators at Starwood.


A new way of communicating and bringing the brand closer to the public

The attractive presentation of the technical characteristics of this ceramic wood tile, the focus and the storyline developed in each of the 12 episodes of this series, caught the attention of the jury, which this year was formed by celebrities like Victorio & Lucchino and Princess Beatriz d’Orleans.


The event, hosted by presenter Raquel Revuelta, was attended by all the members of the jury. Other well-known personalities, such as Norma Duval and the band Efecto Mariposa, took to the stage to perform some of their best known hits.

“Investing in both human resources and technology makes us a leading company in R&D&I.This is a working philosophy that we wanted to export to other areas, which is why we are promoting this new way of communicating”, explains PORCELANOSA Group.


Presented simply as an online series, the nine episodes that the company has released to date can be viewed on the official website ( There, the user will also be able to find interesting facts and news related to each of the episodes.

Starwood’s marketing and corporate communication plan over the last few years has reformulated the way in which customer loyalty to a brand or lifestyle can be transmitted and built. This is endorsed by international recognitions, such as the Iconic Awards in the Innovative Interior category, Metropolis Like or the Plus X Awards, which place value on the high quality, design and functionality of this ceramic wood tile.

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