September 10, 2019


‘Eternal Dates’ shows the daily resistance of Starwood, the ceramic wood

Through the Vancouver Nude collection, the series portraits the everyday life of a family and the long-lasting properties of the material against both changes and the passing of time.

The kitchen designed with the Urban series by Venis is one of the main scenes, where most of the storyline is done.

Just back from Japan after an exotic holiday, the main couple in the ‘Eternal Dates’ series will confront getting back into the daily life with Starwood, the ceramic wood from Porcelanosa Group.

With going back to school and those daily duties as the framework, in this new episode, the action unfolds on this very first day of school and the new proposed objectives for the new academic year. 

The change of season with Starwood

This change from summer to autumn is reflected in Starwood through the Vancouver Collection in the Nude finish. Inspired by natural oak wood, this material provides greater warmth and consistency to the spaces. Also, its aesthetic remains unaffected over time. This is how it is shown in this episode, where the pieces which undergo the impact of water and various aesthetic products remain unaffected.

With its easy cleaning, low maintenance, and high durability, this collection can be used as a flooring or covering to increase the capacity of the spaces, as well as the use that is made of them.

This happens in the kitchen, one of the main scenes in this part. Put together with the Urban collection from Venis. Its pieces of warm colours make this space become a room for getting together in, and in there, some of the most amusing scenes take place.


Daily adventures with Starwood


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