December 19, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: The Son Moll Sentits Hotel, Mallorca

Engulfed in the Mediterranean dimmed light and swayed by the warm sea which shimmers off the beaches of the island of Mallorca , the Rajada Cove hides a little treasure: The Hotel Son Moll Sentits, a  holiday resort which offers its guests a true sensual experience.

3de3arquitectes are the ones in charge of the architecture of the building, with the interior design done by Sara Espinosa, who has made use of the PORCELANOSA Group materials in order to equip this hotel that is located on the Mare Nostrum shore.

The great reception desk by Krion® shows the distinguishing nature of the hotel from the entrance hall, a feature also noticeable in the café, where one can find the backlit wall and bar, both of them continuously changing their colour scheme depending on the lighting colour that is being chosen in that moment.

We continue onto the main floor, where the bathrooms are tiled with Deco Filo Brown and Laja White ceramic tiles, both of them by Venis. As far as the Spa area is concerned, the Paradise Baia Stone mosaics have been used in the pool and the Globe Brick Bhutan mosaics in the general tiling, both of them by L’Antic Colonial.

As for the private areas, various floor tiles and wall tiles have been used in the rooms and communal areas. In amongst all of them, we can find the Par-ker Oxford White ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa as a floor tile in the rooms, complemented with an antislip version in the same ceramic parquet  and available on the terraces and fitted over the exterior raised access floor  system by Butech. In order to provide the suite with a distinguishing nature, the same model of the ceramic floor tile  in Antracita colour has been chosen.

As far as the bathrooms are concerned, the people in charge of the project have chosen a combination of the Oxo Line White and Marmi China ceramic wall tiles, both by Porcelanosa; whereas in the suite, the Madison wall tile  in a Silver and Nacar finish by Porcelanosa has been used in a general way. Nevertheless, the Glacier Moon Metallic and Moon Beige Sandstone by L’Antic Colonial have been used in the shower area, which has been waterproofed by means of the Imperband system by Butech.

In the end, it is important to highlight the fact that all the wall tiles have been fitted with installation materials  by Butech, which has also supplied 3.500 linear metres of aluminium decorative profile, installed in combination with the ceramic wall tiles by Porcelanosa and  Venis in order to get a very stylish finish.

Pictures by: Gori Salva

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