February 29, 2016 | Updated: December 14, 2018


Epotech Nature, the innovative grouting for PAR-KER by Butech

Epotech Nature is the new epoxy grouting collection which, not only allows and ensures the installation joint sealing and watertightness of up to 5mm in interior and exterior floor tiles and wall tiles, but it also provides them with an optimal resistance to chemical attacks.

The main distinctive feature regarding this new series of micro granular porcelain joints turns out to be their inspiration in nature. They have been thought up to complement the application of the porcelain tiles, such as the ceramic parquet models of Porcelanosa or Venis. Therefore, Epotech Nature faithfully reproduces the appearance and texture of  natural wood, resulting in being the perfect partner for the collection which simulates this natural material, in other words, PAR-KER.

In addition to this, this new grouting collection in a two-component coloured epoxy putty also results in being ideal for applying on heated flooring; high-traffic flooring; or exterior flooring protected against rising moisture. It can also be used in swimming pools and permanent-moisture atmospheres because of both its airtight installation joint essence and no water absorption. Its high chemical resistance, even in high concentrations; and its excellent stability in joint colour, make Epotech Nature by Butech a revolutionary proposal for both exclusive and the most demanding of projects.

This new epoxy grouting is characterised by not only an easy application and cleaning, but also by an excellent adhesion and mechanical resistance

2 thoughts on “Epotech Nature, the innovative grouting for PAR-KER by Butech'

  1. I like to know how difficult is to install this grout. (2000 sq/ft). I never used it I have applied epoxy grout few times in my 25 years as installer and it is very difficult to clean . I always used never sealer by Bostik. Do I have to charge extra for install this grout (Epotech nature).

  2. Hello. My installer doesn’t want to use this grout (Epoch Nature Iroko) because he says there will be haze or sheen visible on the tiles after cleaning. (Porcelanosa seed wood collection, Nebraska Tea) What can I tell him or show him so he knows how to apply this grout correctly? Please help!

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