August 10, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The EMOTIONS E7 dressing room by Gamadecor: the art of order

Dressing room design is a world geared towards order. It is an art to make things more practical, effective, functional, and in short, to have everything in its correct place.

Finding that wanted piece of clothing or accessory in the quickest way, along with keeping clothes in their best condition, are the objectives that are sought after by Gamadecor, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Group, when conceiving its dressing rooms. Every item and design lead towards outstanding storage.

New vintage-style finishes

The highest quality and the most assorted and unique designs are the premises that this product range seeks. In order to achieve this, the firm has extended its big array of finishes with a rustic plating (Model e7), which are characterised by following an additional superficial carving process which strips the weakest natural wood away, therefore making the relief caused by the hard parts of the streaks really visible. The result of the process is an impressive “vintage”-style effect.

Custom-made dressing rooms: modularity and adaptability

One of the other premises by Gamadecor is related to the free space in every home being a valuable asset with infinite possibilities, therefore, it must be designed in order to make the most of that, in relation to the efficiency, regardless of the size or arrangement.

The versatility regarding the type of drawers, complements and accessories in the EMOTIONS E7 dressing room, makes its everyday use more functional. Every item responding to the needs of the perfect object arrangement and location.  

By banking on modularity, design and elegance, its dressing rooms are customised to the max so that they perfectly suit any atmosphere, and consequently, exclusive functional spaces are created in any place in the house, in either a bedroom or a bathroom. It is possible to choose between a huge number of styles and finishes such as natural wood, stained, matt or gloss lacquered, laminate, and also the possibility of having them combined together.

In conclusion, the new EMOTIONS E7 dressing room by Gamadecor is a piece of luxury which is able to meet the needs of any project where the highest quality regarding materials is present. This is all about a dressing room aimed at exceeding the most demanding expectations of any person.

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