June 25, 2020


Noken solutions for improved hygiene in the new normal

PORCELANOSA Group designs taps with sensors and Touch Less technology to improve bathroom hygiene.

Hand hygiene, social distancing of 1.5 metres and wearing masks are the three most common habits during this new normal. In view of the health and safety protocols established by the health authorities to tackle coronavirus, the PORCELANOSA Group’s bathroom fittings company Noken has expanded its collections to improve user hygiene through smart ‘non touch’ components, which avoid direct contact between the person and the object, reducing any type of transmission.

Automatic sensor taps

Colors like Sensor taps with Touchless technology (Noken) detect movement under the spout and its infrared sensor activates automatically, supplying the water needed for each use. The Round automatic bathroom taps are wall-mounted, making it easier to clean the washbasin area.

Benefits of sensor taps

The main benefit of automatic taps is that they are safer than others (touchless operation) and they help save water.

The security systems which these components use minimise the risk of flooding and wasting of natural resources, as they stop supplying water if they do not detect movement.

The Noken automatic sensor tap range includes the Tono collection, designed by the Foster+Partners design studio, as well as the Hotels Square and Irta wall-mounted taps. Although these tap systems have been very popular in public bathrooms, airports, hotels or sports facilities, their sterile and 100% hygienic qualities have made them one of the most hygienic solutions for the home.

‘Contactless’ soap dispensers and toilets

Noken has other automatic solutions within its Contactless collection which ensure better bathroom hygiene. Its catalogue includes taps with soap or antibacterial gel dispensers, towel dispensers, soap or antibacterial gel dispensers with sensors, bins with sensors or mirrors with proximity sensor LED lighting.

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