November 19, 2019


‘Effortless’ by Noken: the formula for designing comfortable and sustainable hotel bathrooms

The Porcelanosa Group company strengthens its ties with the hotel industry through sustainable and technological collections which require little maintenance.

The company’s main objective is to create an ECO experience where people feel comfortable with the space, as well as enjoying it in an easy way.

Noken, the company from PORCELANOSA Group has developed a new bathroom concept for hotels called Effortless, which is focused on sustainability, experiential technology and little maintenance.


Save up to 89% of water

It is in this design where, the WaterForest initiative, the Touch & Feel technology and the Light Stone cut-to-size pieces take on special importance.

The ECO effortless bathrooms that are included into the Waterforest collections, allow for up to 89% water to be saved in each use, reducing the carbon oxide impact in the process. There is room for the ECO dual flush systems for toilets, the thermostatic shower taps, and the flow rate limiters for taps and shower heads.

For instance, if a 200-room hotel included the products of this company, the water saving would reach up to 148 litres of water in the rate of 44.4 litres/person or day. This in turn would result in an energy reduction of 73%, along with a decrease in CO2 emissions.

One of the main advantages offered by the Effortless bathrooms is that they provide minimum costs for support and maintenance, since all the equipment from the company remains unaffected over the years. As well as that, it is repairable and requires hardly any maintenance at all.

Environmentally committed and with healthy lifestyle habits, the latest designs by Noken look towards raising awareness, as well as reformulating the use of each natural resource through a simpler, more accessible and responsible design. This is the case with the Round taps, which are provided with the cold-opening system and technology that regulates the temperature with its lever, which only moves to the left. It comes with a flow rate limiter with the single lever spout; it can save up to a maximum of 5 litres per minute. Considering that standard taps offer about 12 litres per minute, water consumption is reduced by some 60%.

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Technology and wellness

Noken has made a significant investment in new technologies that see shaped pieces which, bring design, easy-to-use properties and strength together. Three features that meet the current needs of the contract sector, as we can see in the Project Tech countertops that are regenerated when heat is applied, maintaining their technical features, namely: Antibacterial, impact and chemical resistance.


One of the other shower trays which has changed the bathroom concept is none other than Zen, a model which is included in the Light Stone collection with a hidden drain. The Slate model also allows for cut-to-size features, which enhance safety in the bathroom because of its anti-slip composition.

Sustainability and comfort both under the same roof.


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