April 11, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


EcoProject, PORCELANOSA Group designs with environmental awareness

Respect for the environment, sustainability and the reuse of resources are the key elements from the PORCELANOSA Group philosophy.

Implementing innovative environmentally-friendly processes and products is a priority for the company and this is evident in the actions taken by each of the firms that make up the group.

The main objective is to reduce the emissions impact, minimising waste and promoting a good use of water resources. For this purpose, the ecoTech concept has been created, an initiative whose aim is to turn basic raw materials into more environmentally friendly products.

This environmental commitment is carried out in several ecological designs established in the systematic of all the processes from the group, with the desire that its activity does not alter the environmental values of the environment.

Energy as a valuable resource to be respected and taken care of

The importance of energy saving and the use of own resources have led the PORCELANOSA Group to invest in improving its facilities to make them more efficient and sustainable.

So far, the group has succeeded in getting one third of the electricity consumed by the company in its processes to come from its own cogeneration systems.

Likewise, its plants and facilities are designed and equipped to safeguard the future, implementing low-energy lighting, renovating the coverings with translucent materials for a better use of natural light and making a commitment to geothermal energy, which offers great advantages over other sustainable energies.

Water shortage and the need for efficient consumption

The PORCELANOSA Group understands the importance of valorising and recycling water dedicated to industrial use. That is why it has established numerous systems of purification and the reuse of water that allow it to reduce the consumption and avoid the waste of water resources.

In this sense, more than a dozen plants dedicated to the treatment of water have been installed, as well as systems that allow it to use 100% recycled water in its moulding processes.

Water pollution is another concern for the company, and it is aware that every year 6.4 tons of waste reach the sea and this problem must be tackled. With this in mind, an objective of zero industrial dumping has been set.

Recycling and sustainable development

Recycling is another of the cornerstones of the group’s sustainable development philosophy. 100% of the waste from floor tiles is reincorporated back into the process after being reprocessed. The investment in R & D & I in the field of dry laying means that floor tiles and wall tiles developed by the company can be reused once anchored to the support.

The best example of sustainable development are the series from the Ecologic and Ciclik through body porcelain tile, floor tile collections made from recycled material from the production process itself.

Another of the company’s commitment has been the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral, an environmentally friendly and fully recyclable product which has multiple applications.

Ecologically efficient products

To guarantee environmental sustainability, the PORCELANOSA Group has introduced quality control systems in many of its processes.

Wood is one of the materials that is the biggest of ecological concerns, since every year about 13 million hectares of forests disappear, therefore the responsible use of this material is a need.

For this reason, the creation of ecologically efficient building systems has become a key objective. Examples such as ventilated façades, which contribute to a 40% saving in the energy expenditure of buildings, and the large format designs, which imply a greater degree of efficiency from an ecological point of view, all highlight the firm’s concern for environmental sustainability.


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