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Sustainable bathrooms with Eco Conscious by PORCELANOSA Group

The multinational's eight firms produce eco-efficient, tech-driven collections that promote the sustainable consumption of water and improve your life at home.

Reducing our water consumption has become hugely important in the fight to prevent climate change and protect human rights. The latest report published by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) highlighted the fact that 2.2 billion people still don't have access to drinking water, and 4.2 billion people live without safely managed sanitation systems.

Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

Working towards a solution and to help achieve SDG 6 (clean water and sanitation) of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, PORCELANOSA Group has drawn up a Green Industrialisation Plan (Eco Conscious) to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and achieve energy efficiency in terms of production and consumption. 

The solidarity initiative focuses on small actions that can help to protect the environment and reshape our economic and social model to foster a more inclusive, environmentally-friendly world. This is exactly what the WaterForest range byNoken, and Krion Shell® eco-efficient bathrooms, which, as well as optimising water consumption, make spaces more hygienic thanks to their sterile, recycled composition (with 5% recycled PET). 

Given that water in Spain is predominantly consumed in the home (72% according to INE sources) and industry (10%), PORCELANOSA Group has put forward a series of recommendations for saving water, looking at small gestures and daily actions that can help us to protect the planet.

Tips for saving water in the bathroom

Turning taps off every time you use them, having a shower instead of a bath,always dealing with leaks and damp in bathrooms and kitchens, and installing flow limiters in your taps are all good places to start.

"Taps Round and Hotels harness Eco-Start technology to optimise water and energy saving"

PORCELANOSA Group's bathroom firm Noken, recommends saving water with its sustainable solutions: ECO aerators, cold-start systems and AIR Eco technology, which can save water by up to 60% in the bathroom. Using its ECO-Start technology, the taps use a cold-start system to avoid activating the boiler unless necessary. "Taps Round and Hotels Eco-start technology is used for the taps in a black finish, and this helps us implement the energy and water-saving principles that have been so important to us since we were founded" states a brand representative.

Oxo is another of Noken's most eco-friendly designs. Part of the Premium Signature Collection range,its futuristic aesthetic takes inspiration from aerodynamic design, and the tap promotes sustainability by limiting water consumption to a maximum of 5 litres/min. The series also benefits from a cold-start system and temperature control, also leading to energy savings. It received the Green Good Design 2020award in the Green Product Design category for its capacity to "design a better world", and the IF Design Award 2020, and is one of the firm's standout collections in terms of sustainability and innovation.

Water-saving cisterns

PORCELANOSA Group recommends replacing older cisterns with ECO dual-flush to reduce your water consumption by up to 56% (just 4.5/3 litres per flush compared with 6 litres in a standard flush).

Water-saving showers

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a standard shower lasts 10 minutes and uses 200 litres of water (20 litres per minute). To save our precious natural resources, the organisation recommends shortening your shower to just 5 minutes to save up to 100 litres of water.

With this in mind, Noken has invented its Eco-Flow technology for showers, reducing the amount of water used to 30 litres per shower. Another collection that achieves such savings is Mood, with pieces designed by prestigious architects Luis Vidal and Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. Its digital screen shows you the temperature and flow rate you're using, so you can manage your daily consumption.

How to save energy in your bathroom

Noken's LED mirrors save energy in the bathroom, thanks to their touchless mechanism that switches the light on with a motion sensor and reduces energy consumption by up to 80% compared with traditional lighting systems. 

round mirror

Sustainable wood furnishings

Gamadecor collections are a highlight in terms of sustainable bathroom furnishings, holding the FSC® label. This certificate attests to the sustainability of the wood used, showing it's derived from sustainably managed forests where more trees are replanted than logged.

Tomo bathroom furnishings by Gamadecor
Roble Bronce wood furnishings by Gamadecor
Blind bathroom furnishings by Gamadecor

Recycled bathroom furnishings with Krion Shell®

Krion Shell® is a new material from Krion Porcelanosa Group, used in the manufacture of bathroom furnishings such as countertops, washbasins and shower trays. With a mineral and eco-resin based composition,it contains up to 5% recycled plastic (PET) based on weight. 

Highly resistant and non-porous, it prevents the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms on its surface, allowing for more thorough and easier cleaning. As it doesn't contain or produce any dangerous chemical substances, Krion Shell® also makes for healthier spaces, and its Eco-Resin composition gives a new lease of life to waste materials, reducing environmental pollution.

Eco-friendly adhesives

In terms of eco-friendly ceramic bonding materials, R Eco by Butech is outstanding. The material is composed of 250 g of 100% recycled plastic, leading to improved bonding on floor and wall coverings and reduced environmental contamination.

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