June 19, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


E6 dressing rooms by Gamadecor: beauty on the inside…

Gamadecor opts for minimalism in the new E6 dressing room range, reducing avant-garde elements to a minimum, thereby moving the space itself to centre stage along with the elements inside it.

Straight lines and the large capacity of the different storage sectors define the concept of this industrially inspired dressing room in which functionality plays an important role.

Doors and vertical panels have been removed, thereby giving a powerful sensation of visual lightness, transforming this Gamadecor wardrobe into an elegant piece of furniture. Simplifying the decoration makes the E6 collection look in order and organized.

The original handles give an exclusive touch to the draws so they look integrated when they are not being used. This is how the furniture maintains the aesthetics of its refined and simple lines.

The E6 dressing room by Gamadecor is formed by modules and shelves made from roasted oak wood and suspended with aluminium profiles, thereby making the structure sound. Thus, a completely modular layout which can adapt to all types of spaces and requirements has been achieved.

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