July 2, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Dynamism and sophistication with L’Antic Colonial metal mosaics

The amazing aesthetic strength of the metal mosaics never ceases to amaze us. Hence, L’Antic Colonialis continuously updating its catalogue with innovative designs which let both architects and interior designers unleash their creativity when designing their projects.

Among the latest designs by L’Antic Colonial, it is worth highlighting the metal mosaics from the Gravity collection. Small pieces or tesserae form the surface of the mosaic with a nice-textured matt finish, providing the room with energy and sophistication, either independently or in combination with the ceramic wall tiles from thePORCELANOSA Groupfirms.The Gravity collection of metal mosaics is available in a golden version –Gold- and in silver –Metal- and in two different formats: Gravity Aluminium Cubic, with small square tesserae, and Gravity Aluminium Hexagon, with hexagonal tesserae.

In addition to this, the Metal Mosaics by L’Antic Colonial have a wide range of designs and formats that update the classical mosaics, with more traditional options by means of square tesserae -Metal Acero (1,85×1,85) and Metal Acero Highlights/Golden (2×2)-, rectangular versions -Metal Acero Retro/Anthracite (7.5×15.2) and Metal Brick Acero (2×4)-, and even hexagonal -Metal Acero Hexagon/Antracite, with large relief tesserae, and Metal Acero Hexagon Highlights/Anthracite, with small flattesserae.

Apart from their format, some of the metal mosaics collections by L’Antic Colonial such as “Highlights”, combine polished finishes with matt surfaces in their tesserae, thus achieving unique shiny surfaces. The result obtained within the textures from the Anthracite Hexagon and Retro mosaics turns out to be more sophisticated and elegant.

Finally, and in order to achieve ideal results, L’Antic Colonial shows a video tutorial which guides us gently through the installation process of the metal mosaics.

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