July 3, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Dubai and Darwin, the natural evolution by Venis

The Dubai hexagonal shapes provide movement by recreating a water cascade.Darwin has intertwined lines with different thicknesses that oscillate among themselves.

Venis presents the latest aesthetic expression in terms of wall tiles: Dubai and Darwin. The pieces which make up these two collections fit together and add dynamism to the architectural structures in which they are used.

Dubai, exact hexagons

The hexagonal shapes from Dubai create a moving film that covers each plane by simulating a water cascade. Freshness between walls. The 33.3cmx100cm format showcases the plurality of Venis with three colour ranges: Bronze, Silver and White. Its metallic effect, as a result of joining small pieces shaped like a hexagon, creates an effect of depth and it stands out on any wall. Especially in large areas. A Strategic combination of oscillations. Unlimited amplitude.

Darwin, the biological material evolution

The Darwin collection reflects the chronological evolution of material. The thin and wavy interlaced lines have different sizes and provide greater depth for the space. Their shade variations fade as the thickness decreases.

Available in Silver and White, and in a 33.3cmx100cm format, Venis wall tiles offer natural curves that oscillate among each other. The right choice for living rooms and bedrooms. Design in movement.

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