August 10, 2020 | Updated: August 11, 2020


Automated homes with the ECO Conscious programme from PORCELANOSA Group

Home automation is one of the cornerstones of the Green Industrial Plan that the company has developed to fight climate change and promote sustainability in the construction sector.


The housing sector is undertaking a profound review of sustainability, safety and hygiene,which are its main challenges today. The Covid-19 health emergency has made it necessary to rethink the needs of households and has shown the shortcomings of our homes with regard to the new architectural and urban scenario anticipated in the years to come.

In this period of reformulation and change, technology has become essential for the modernisation of the home and its progress has made it possible to improve the way we live in our homes, through the automation of services and the improved use of energy resources. The PORCELANOSA Group defends these two developments in each of its projects, together with the sustainable digitalisation of the home, through its ECO CONSCIOUS ecological programme.. Home automation and technological design have a key role to play in the fight against climate change, while the role of R&D&I in the redesign of cities is also an important aspect of the programme.

Smart Kitchen, Gamadecor’s intelligent kitchen

Gamadecor has combined technology and design in its new Smart Kitchen. This is a unit that interacts with the user and anticipates your needs through the automated control of food resources

Awarded the IF Design Award 2020 for its sustainable design, this smart kitchen incorporates invisible sensors, using neither cameras nor barcode readers, to send information to the user’s smartphone or tablet. In this way, the user will be able to monitor the food available and the condition it is in. ““The Smart Kitchen revises the traditional concept of a kitchen, with a programme with which users can interact to build up a picture of their eating habits or preferences,” Gamadecor point out.

Krion® technological solutions

The Krion company in the PORCELANOSA Group has developed a new range of household accessories with the aim of making the home more convenient for the user. 

Its technological innovations include chargers with Qi technology allowing smartphones and other devices to be recharged without any need for wires,, 12V sound systems built invisibly into furniture and adjustable modular assemblies that allow for better use of space.

Download the Krion Accessories catalogue

Cutting edge taps

Technology is central to Noken’s activity. The PORCELANOSA Group’s bathroom company has strengthened its human resources and research capability to design smarter, more sustainable bathrooms that improve the well-being of users while promoting energy savings. These are the principles on which the Japanese-inspired Nk-concept smart toilet is based. 

Designed to offer a new experience, wellnessthis toilet with auto-control technology has three temperature settings for the rinsing water and incorporates a system for extracting odours, night lighting, and a drying function with adjustable temperature.

The firm’s technological advances can also be seen in its taps and the from Mood digital shower columns, with which the user can control the water temperature and set the duration and mode of the shower.

In terms of sustainable technology, the Tono, Round and Hotels collections and Square. These are outstanding. Operated by a touchless sensor, WaterForest they only run when the user’s presence is detected. Their design incorporates improvements in usability and hygiene, as there is no direct contact between the person and the tap and it prevents the proliferation of germs and bacteria.. Furthermore, as they work only when the user is present, water savings of up to 58% can be achieved, thanks to their flow limiters, water only being supplied when necessary. 

8G thermostats and automated heating systems

Butech’s great proposal for the homes of the future has been to design an underfloor heating system “consisting of a thin wire laid under the floor with an automatic heating control, without visible radiators, thus offering a constant, balanced flow of heat,” the firm’s representatives explain. 

In addition, its 8GM smart thermostat allows the temperature in the house to be controlled with Butech’s MyUFH app. This state-of-the-art system is being included in the most modern architectural projects because of its many advantages:

  •  Customised programming for each day of the week.
  • A touch screen integrated into the design of the house using predefined options or images downloaded by the user. It also gives a 7-day weather forecast.
  • Geo technology that controls the temperature of the home according to the location of the user and reduces energy consumption by up to 25%.
  • Daily energy consumption and cost monitoring according to the kilowatt-hour rate.
  • 3-year guarantee covered by the brand. 

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