May 28, 2020


Designer sofas by Gamadecor

The use and design of this item of furniture in the home has evolved over the years and these pieces have become design icons with more avant-garde and ergonomic forms.

The sofa has become an essential item in the home and its use has varied according to the preferences and needs of each group. There are as many sofas as there are opinions and the choice of style depends solely and exclusively on the user, as reflected in the catalogue published by Gamadecor, the PORCELANOSA Group company. With customisation, comfort and well-being as its main values, this firm’s furniture is versatile and ergonomic, making adaptable designs available to its customers.

sofa gamadecor porcelanosa 2

The value of comfortable design

Gamadecor sofas have been designed using the finest materials and their main advantage is that they fit the characteristics of each living room. Because of their flexible structure and the frame in sections that many of them have, these pieces are perfect for airy, open spaces with interrelated decorative elements.

They provide comfortable seating which does not lose its shape and can be used in a wide range of settings thanks to their multidisciplinary design. Various types of foam of differing firmness are used to ensure the sofa’s shape does not deteriorate.

sofa-gamadecor porcelanosa 6

These innovative sofas are also reversible and several types of upholstery are available, making it easy to renovate the décor of the home. Since the sofa’s components are symmetrical, its arms can face in either direction without other adjustments. Many parts of the sofa, such as the base, cushions or back, have removable covers held in place with Velcro, which can be unzipped, making it easier to clean every part of the sofa and eliminate dust and dirt.

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