September 12, 2019


Design furniture with XTONE from Urbatek

This compact sintered mineral allows custom-made designs to be created; their formats adapt to all types of projects.

With three different thicknesses, from 6mm to 12mm, and a low porosity, this material has become the perfect solution for kitchen worktops.

Since 2016, the year when it was created, XTONE has represented an advance in the architectural and interior design world.

Endowed with great resistance and offering a design based on natural materials, this compact sintered mineral from Urbatek allows you to shape any project through its cut-to-size technique (Tailored design). A very useful option, especially for the design and installation of countertops and cutting-edge furnishings.


Unlimited creativity

With three possible thicknesses: 6mm, 9mm and 12mm; and two large formats: 150cm x 300cm or 154cm x 328cm; each piece of this product provides spaces with greater sobriety, since it allows for floorings and coverings to be brought together with furniture made of the same material.

Thin-thickness doors, extensible tables, kitchen furniture and bathroom countertops are some of the most in demand creations from the company.

Its low porosity, high resistance and timeless design have made this product a must-have solution for the contract and hotel sector. Since it prevents liquid absorption and odour build-ups, the role it plays in kitchens and bathrooms goes beyond what is purely aesthetic. With easy-to-clean properties and low maintenance, XTONE creates unified surfaces with no artifices which identify with a particular interior design.

The latest trend in design.


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