June 17, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Design according to Simone Micheli: the Italian exquisiteness

Sustainability, compatibility and sensory values are the guidelines that Simone Micheli follows in every one of his projects. This Italian architect and professor is well known and respected all over the world in the professional field, this is owed to the constant directing his work to the elation of the senses.

The designer himself defines his work as a kind of contemporary style, going beyond the limits of time, and being on standby between past, present and future. In order to put this concept into practice, Micheli provides his creations with “a transverse communication, joining aesthetic situations together with content”.

With the 15th anniversary of Noken in mind, and with regard to the videos Noken has been making, through interviewing renowned international architecture and interior design professionals, the firm has done its best to give the utmost consideration to Simone Micheli. Noken has worked with him on the design of the bathroom equipment Lounge collection as well as taking part in numerous projects with the PORCELANOSA Group.

Consisting of several countertops and standing basins, as well as the different models of taps –for basins, bathtubs and showers-, sanitary wares, bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories, the Lounge collection presents a unique beauty with organic and restrained shapes, away from opulence and an over decorative style. This has led to creating a “maximalist beauty with the Italian exquisiteness, subtlety and soul”.

The technical accuracy of the taps, together with its sensual synthetic design, led the Lounge series (designed by Simone Micheli for Noken) to become successful in the 2008 International   Designs Awards, consolidating Simone Micheli as the Interior Designer of the Year in the 2009 International Design Awards.

Find out what the guidelines of Simone Micheli’s design are in this testimonial video, where the architect speaks about what he is inspired by among other things.

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