July 3, 2014


Deep, Concrete and Max collections by Urbatek: now available as mosaics

Urbatek has expanded its range of through-body porcelain with mosaics created from some of its best-loved collections. The  DeepConcrete and Max series are now available as mosaics.Although mosaics are most commonly used as a surface covering in different types of space, Urbatek mosaics are made from through-body porcelain in tesserae with varied textures and finishes, so they can be also be used as flooring in high humidity areas with particular technical needs. One example of this would be a high humidity area that requires an anti-slip surface for safety reasons.The new mosaics in the through-body porcelain collections by Urbatek  are 29.7×29.7 cm in size and are made from 5×5 mm tesserae. Some mosaics also use 10×10 mm tesserae and pieces of different sizes can be combined together to create modern and unusual aesthetic effects.By launching this new range, Urbatek multiplies the numerous design possibilities that can be applied to spaces, with combinations of different sized pieces, formats and finishes that are now also available as mosaics.


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