December 3, 2013


Decorative protection for mosaics with new profiles by Butech

The final touch really does make a difference when installing coverings. However, this work is even more exquisite when placing mosaics, due to its delicate structure. Thus, the importance in the finishes is becoming just as important as choosing the materials to be used.

Butech, a company at PORCELANOSA Group specialised in construction solutions, showcases the profile collections of between 6 and 7 mm in height and 3 to 6mm in width, which are ideal for the Noohn mosaic collection by L’Antic Colonial. This new collection has several uses: ranging from the decorative protection for edges to the transition between materials with different heights, and over all achieve a different decorative touch.

In the transitions or contact lines between the mosaic covering and another element, regardless the type, is the metal profile which is a cleaner solution. The most important profiles are the Pro-mate 5 for fine finishes with only 5mm width and the Pro-part profile with a more decorative touch which is 8mm wide and 7mm thick. All the profiles are available in a chrome shine finish and an anodised aluminium matt.

The design of the coverings with mosaics must include solutions for the edges. The metal profile is an excellent solution which protects the cuttings of glass mosaics and also adds to the decoration of the space. The Pro-mate 45 stands out with its rounded finish and 7mm height and the Pro-mate 3 profile, with its straight finish and 3mm width.

For installations which require tighter adjustments between the mosaic and the profile, like the Gold or Fashion series, is the Pro-part Li profile collections which are only 4.5 mm high.

These profiles are the perfect solution for exclusive mosaic tiles by L’Antic Colonial, a material which is increasingly used in interior decorations and bathroom coverings. Therefore, the new decorative profiles by Butech are the perfect material which achieves results that are able to shine with its own light.


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