February 23, 2023



L'Antic Colonial showcases new decorative panels and wallpaper at the 29th Porcelanosa International Exhibition

New collections from the company celebrate striking textures and geometric forms

La firma de la multinacional apuesta por el revestimiento de paredes con las nuevas colecciones Split y Skins Empyreal. Designs that enhance interiors, filling spaces with warmth and personality.

Split: a booming trend in interior design

The PORCELANOSA Group brand launches six new decorative panel designs, handcrafted in pine wood. A range of colours and designs to clad walls and ceilings, set upon a fine layer of high quality fibreboard.

The collection comprises six designs: thin and thick slats (Split Lines and Split Totem) that adapt easily to all types of surfaces, flexible patterns with convex and concave finishes (Split Convex and Split Concave), and round and triangular relief designs (Split Column and Split Pyramid).

The new arrivals encompass a range of colours, including darker shades to emphasize the height of a room (Brown and Dark) as well as lighter or neutral tones, achieving a vibrant and original look.

Of course, these designs are perfect for accenting one - or several - walls, but they also boast impressive acoustic properties to soften echoes and sound reverberations in rooms with little furniture. This flexible and easy-to-install solution works well in all types of spaces including large surfaces; thanks to the 60 cm x 240 cm format.

Skins Empyreal: contemporary designs

A reinvention of wallpaper: 32 designs featuring various prints and textured finishes in line with the latest trends in minimalist style. Contemporary geometric patterns, natural fibres, textile effects and organic forms are the latest arrivals to the L'Antic Colonial collection. And every one has been inspired by timelessness and elegance.

Empyreal reproduce relieves y texturas que otorgan profundidad junto a una superficie natural que evoca la antología de los lienzos. The diverse, meticulously crafted wallpaper designs can be adapted to a range of interiors, resulting in original and authentic schemes.

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