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The top décor trends for 2020

PORCELANOSA Group rounds up the standout styles in interior design this year. 

When it comes to organising your space and thinking about how you use it, interior design is key. Each room in your home should have its own personality, and you can achieve this by thinking about your décor and building materials.

Now that we've passed the halfway point of the year, at PORCELANOSA Group we're taking a look back over 2020's interior design trends that have taken the home décor world by storm.

Bathroom décor trends


                                                   TONO Collection by Noken

1. Bathrooms become spas

The Noken Tono collection (PORCELANOSA Group) makes turning your bathroom into a spa a reality. Designed by the prestigious architecture firm Foster+Partners, this collection is characterised by elegance, versatility and lightness. Just add scented candles, bath salts and real plants to achieve a perfect sense of wellbeing.

TONO sensor taps by Noken

2. Contactless taps for improved hygiene

Sensor taps and automatic soap dispensers are now trending in bathrooms as we think of ways we can make spaces more hygienic and curb the spread of Covid-19. These types of taps improve hand hygiene and encourage more sustainable use of water, thanks to their intuitive technology and controls.

                                                           XTONE CARRARA WHITE

3. Attention to every detail

The combination of cladding and flooring in natural materials, minimalist furniture and neutral colours has gained momentum this year.


4. Shower niches

The bathroom trend for shower niches in 2019 is now firmly established, and they're a great ally when it comes to storage and order. The way they're integrated into the wall is aesthetically pleasing and discreet, and means you can organise your bathroom accessories and products more effectively.

The latest kitchen trends

1. Modern open-plan kitchens

The breakfast bar or kitchen island trend is one of this year's most popular, and will turn your kitchen space into the perfect space for socialising.



2. Sliding doors to zone your space

Sliding doors or glass partitions with metal frames are some of the most widely-used pieces in modern kitchens. Solutions like this will make your kitchen more private and make each zone lighter thanks to the transparency and sense of spaciousness they create.

Living room decoration trends

MARVEL POLISHED 58.6 cm x 118.7 cm

1. Neutral white

White continues to reign supreme this year. Whether walls, sofas or marble effect flooring in white, living rooms are all about clean and versatile design in 2020, combining light textiles such as cotton or linen with wood or iron structures and geometric lamps.

2. Connecting the interior and exterior

Creating open-plan and multi-purpose spaces has become a trend for 2020. A lot of people have opted to remodel their homes, opening up the living room to the kitchen or outdoors with large windows or limitless terraces.

Par-Ker Tanzania Almond 25 cm x 150 cm + Vela Natural

3. Increasing light

Whether curved, rectangular, bulb-shaped or chandeliers, lighting will enrich your space and play a fundamental role in defining your living room look.

Changing seasons: décor trends for Christmas 2020

If ever there's a time when home décor goes up a level, it's Christmas. It's not all about the Christmas tree most homes have in their living room - it's just as important to complement it with Christmas decorations, fairy lights or a bit of mistletoe at the entrance to your home.

The latest standout trends in Christmas decorations include tree decorations in neutral tones, candles and candlesticks in gold or silver, table arrangements made with real flowers, and scented foliage.

cosy rooms

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