February 14, 2024


Tamara Falcó shows us how to decorate the table for a special occasion

The Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef combines gold, green and red tones to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

A special occasion deserves an equally extraordinary table. In this sense, Tamara Falcó reveals her tips for preparing a table decoration that will surprise any guest. A combination of ideas that reflects the unique character of the date and is capable of creating unforgettable memories. These are Tamara Falcó and Porcelanosa’s proposals to transform your table into a scene of elegance and celebration.

Tamara Falcó’s table

A date with your partner, a get-together with friends or a family reunion. Special moments that are shared around a table and in which we want our guests to enjoy a memorable evening. Tamara Falcó opens the doors of su nueva casa to propose a combination of red, green and gold tones. Classic colours that, when used well, result in an exquisite and contemporary composition.

Table decoration made by Tamara Falcó for a special occasion. Photography: CharHadas for Porcelanosa

As a base, the chef has used a tablecloth with floral motifs in ecru on a red base. A design that has continuity in the floral decoration as a centrepiece. Tamara has opted for wild arrangements including dahlias and peonies, together with some berry flower branches. A chromatic range that goes from red to white, passing through pink with pastel shades and some touches of purple.

The tableware chosen by the winner of the fourth edition of Masterchef Celebrity also stands out: white plates with green and gold details on the edges that contrast with the tone of the table linen. As for the glasses, Tamara Falcó has included two different models, giving continuity to the colours used in the rest of the elements.

More ideas for decorating your table

If you are planning to decorate your table for a special occasion, it is essential that it reflects your style and tastes. Here are some additional ideas to create the perfect setting.

Ideas for decorating your table. Photography: CharHadas for Porcelanosa
  • Theme and colour palette:

    Define a theme for the occasion and select a colour palette that aligns with it. From vibrant tones for lively parties to more neutral tones for formal events.

  • Natural elements:

    Introduce natural elements, such as branches, leaves or pine cones, to give a fresh and organic touch to the table decoration.

  • Ambient lighting:

    Use soft lighting, such as candles or LEDs, to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. The right lighting will enhance the atmosphere of the table.

  • Centrepiece centrepiece:

    Create a centrepiece that is the centrepiece of the decor. You can use fresh flowers, decorative candles, or even themed elements that stand out on the table.

  • Quality tablecloths and napkins:

    Materials such as linen or silk can completely transform the appearance of the table.

  • Elegant table runners or runners:

    The use of table runners or runners add a touch of elegance. These can be made of lace, silk or even jute, depending on the style of the occasion.

  • Special crockery and cutlery:

    Opt for your best crockery and cutlery. Elegant plates and utensils will contribute to the sophisticated atmosphere of the special occasion.

Creativity is the key to decorating a table for a special occasion. Experiment with these ideas and let your table show your tastes and preferences. The aim is to enjoy unforgettable moments around a beautifully decorated table that shows your personality.

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