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Office interior design. The art of transformation

Creating workspaces that reflect a company's identity and values is a strategic endeavour in an ever-more competitive business world

Office décor has evolved considerably in recent years. The design of these spaces plays a pivotal role in employee productivity and wellbeing. Which is why, if you're planning a modern office refurbishment, you need to think about both aesthetics and functionality.

The intention behind this shift is to make an impact among visitors and improve the everyday experience of staff who spend the majority of their time there. In the following post, we'll look at elements of office design that eschew the monotony of the past, creating inspiring and collaborative workplaces.

Corporate reception area made with Bottega White by Porcelanosa and Krion®

Corporate reception area made with Bottega White by Porcelanosa and Krion®.
See the project in full on the website.

Modern offices, beyond the cubicles of the past

The modern office concept all started with cubicles. The small, modular designs would optimise the space available, providing a degree of privacy to employees. They offered an alternative to the traditional closed office, but our perception of cubicles soon changed. They were associated with monotony, a lack of creativity and disconnect between employees.

Companies nowadays realise how important the working environment is to their staff's morale and efficiency. As such, office interior design evolved towards a more open-plan, flexi-space concept. The trend? Combining contemporary aesthetics with functionality. The result? Schemes that inspire creativity and foster collaboration.

XTONE® by Porcelanosa installed in a workspace.

XTONE® by Porcelanosa installed in a workspace.
See the project in full on the website. Photos by Juanan Barros Fotografía of Arquitectura.

In this sense, ergonomics play a key role in modern office décor. The furnishings provide physical comfort, whilst also contributing to mental health and productivity. Adjustable chairs and desks, combined with well-designed rest areas, are essential elements of a healthy and sustainable workplace.

Which materials are suited to office schemes?

If you want to create an aesthetically appealing, functional and comfortable work setting, getting the right materials is key. Getting this combination right has an impact on the aesthetics, acoustics, durability and sustainability of a space. Here are some office design options:

(1) Classic Parquet 1L Herringbone Grey by L'Antic Colonial. (2) Office rest area with Bottega Caliza and Bottega Topo by Porcelanosa. See the project in full on the website. (3) Alba Dusk Skins Nature by L'Antic Colonial. (4) Krion® customised with a company logo. See the project on the website. Photos by Rezwan Ui Haque. (5) Doghe Nogal Americano Fitwall®, Snow Fall Krion® and Materica Original Alluslate®.
  • Wood. Natural wood such as parquet by L'Antic Colonial lends warmth and elegance to an office space. You can use it to clad walls, floors or furnishings. Plus, it's available in a variety of tones and textures to suit a range of styles.
  • Metal. Above all, steel is used in the manufacture of furniture and accessories. It gives spaces a contemporary industrial look. Aluminium is also very popular thanks to its lightweight yet durable properties. These two materials can also be arranged decoratively in the form of mosaics.
  • Glass. It works especially well when creating transparent and luminous surfaces. It can be used on office partitions, doors, desks and work surfaces. It also makes spaces feel larger and ushers in the natural light.
  • Stone. Both marble and granite by L'Antic Colonial and Altissima (XTONE®) can be used on tables and other decorative details. They bring strength and sophistication to the table.
  • Ceramic tiles. Ceramic is perfect for corporate offices, thanks to its resistance, hygiene and easy maintenance. And, because it's so versatile, it works well with materials inspired by other textures like wood, stone or concrete. Collections by Porcelanosa or XTONE® convey elegance and distinction to the space in which they are installed.
  • Wallpaper. Solutions such as the Skins collection by L'Antic Colonial are a creative way of adding patterns and textures to walls. You can also use it to zone a certain area or create a specific ambience.
  • Mineral-based solid surfaces. Krion®, Alluslate® and Fitwall® are three solutions by KRION® that can be used to clad walls, ceilings, vertical surfaces, furnishings and other equipment. Adaptable surfaces that give you the freedom to create unique pieces, even in a corporate office environment.
    • Krion® is a mineral-based solid surface; a durable and easy-to-repair solution with backlighting options. This practical material can be used to create office furnishings, creating elements in different forms that can be adapted to any design. Plus, the wide range of colours on offer mean you can create fully customised pieces.
    • Alluslate® is formed of two aluminium sheets with mineral-filled, flame-retardant core. The front part, with a technical coating determined by the finish (matt or gloss), contains the graphic print. It recreates surfaces and hues from botanical patterns, neutral colours and marble, to concrete and feathers. It's light and easy to install, making for a much faster office refurbishment.
    • Fitwall® is a large format, mineral-based decorative panel that recreates volumes and textures. With a realistic look and feel, these artisan-look pieces contain 6% recycled PET. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of designs and can be installed without any major works. Together, this makes Fitwall® a perfect choice for office décor schemes.

Offices that invite you to innovate

Modern office design hones in on creating spaces that encourage collaboration and innovation. Informal meeting rooms, shared workspaces and collaborative breakout areas are key elements. These flexible spaces allow for improved communication and mean employees can adapt their surroundings to the specific demands of their tasks.

Interior raised access flooring by Butech.
Interior raised access flooring by Butech.
See the project in full on the website.

In this sense, raised access flooring - offered by brands such as Butech - is the ultimate solution.

This system keeps all the essential installations a workplace needs - like electrical wires and data connections - out of sight. Plus, it comes with the added benefit of providing quick and easy access to the electrics. Which is particularly useful in co-working spaces.

STE can be used to rearrange spaces without any renovations, and is compatible with different floor types such as porcelain stoneware or Linkfloor by L'Antic Colonial.

Unique and flexible spaces

The trend for customisation in corporate interior design is booming. Firms want to create spaces that reflect their own unique values and identity. Opting for colours that represent the brand, or incorporating exclusive pieces strengthens the business culture, fostering a sense of belonging among employees. In this vein, materials like Krion® give you the power to fully customise a piece, inserting elements like logos into the cladding itself.

Matt black Swan taps, Rondo washbasin, Urban C wall-hung toilet, matt black Eclipse dual flush plate and Noken Easy towel dispenser.

Matt black Swan taps, Rondo washbasin, Urban C wall-hung toilet, matt black Eclipse dual flush plate and Noken Easy towel dispenser.

When it comes to bathrooms in office spaces, it's all about the wow factor and touchless concept. Spaces with their own distinctive design that capture the eye and stick in the minds of visitors. At the same time, they should offer solutions with contactless technology for health and safety reasons.

New challenges in office décor

The rising trend in remote working has led to a shift in office design, moving towards hybrid workplaces. If you want to create spaces that can be changed around easily, flexibility is key. This makes it easier to accommodate both employees working from home and anyone who prefers to work in the office.

Offices with Porcelanosa ceramic tiles.

Offices with Porcelanosa ceramic tiles.
See the project in full on the website. Photos by Lluís Casals.

To conclude, corporate office design has undergone a significant shift. Now, the aim is to respond to the needs of the brand itself, as well as its employees. From aesthetics to functionality, they create spaces that inspire innovation, foster collaboration and promote wellbeing.

Creating workspaces that reflect a company's identity and values is a strategic endeavour in an ever-more competitive business world. Attract and retain talent whilst promoting creativity and boosting performance.

Head to your nearest store to discover the potential Porcelanosa has to switch up your office design.

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