Living-rooms which conjure up wellness

Thought up for little retreats, enjoyment and escapism; living-rooms have become one of the liveliest rooms in the home.
November 22, 2023

How to create the perfect reading corner for your home

Discover the key elements and designs that will help you create a warm and inviting reading corner A reading corner is a space where your imagination can run wild, creating places, stories and characters. A space within a space. ,Through carefully selected lighting, wall coverings, furniture and acoustics, you can take pleasure [...]

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15 June 2021

Casa EV: a monolithic property in the heart of the Sierra de la Estrella

Designed by architecture studio Artspazios, this spacious residence in Portugal featuring Porcelanosa collections stands out for its superimposed volumes and vertical structure, blending harmoniously with nature. Casa AV (Viseu, Portugal) is composed of a series of full-body symmetrical blocks, and stands out for its spread (measuring 687 m2) and open feel, with [...]

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