September 12, 2022


Open-plan kitchen design: diaphanous and functional

Having multifunctional spaces is about creating rooms that are welcoming and practical in equal measure

Getting home and watching TV from the breakfast bar, making a video call on the sofa in amongst cooking dinner: these are the everyday scenarios a dynamic and versatile open-plan kitchen makes possible.

Choosing the best layout

If you're planning this style of kitchen, you'll need a large area for your central island, with sufficient space to move around it. Slide-out tables can make the space even more versatile. Use them to extend your worktop area, serve aperitifs at parties and events, or just gather together to enjoy a meal, any time. You could also strategically position this type of freestanding unit to divide the room or zone the space.

If space is limited, a breakfast bar is an ideal way of getting a kitchenette style open-plan kitchen. Combining it with full-extension drawers and pull-out units optimises storage capacity to the max (R1.40 Etimoe Ice kitchen, by Gamadecor).

Décor ideas

By definition, open-plan kitchens connect to other zones in the home such as the living room or dining room; making more space for family or guests. Here are some key points from PORCELANOSA to consider when you're planning your interior design scheme.

- Lighting: getting it right is a fundamental aspect of creating a functional space. Finding the perfect balance between your ambient, accent and task lighting is an art form. Installing pendant lighting or lights above, below or to the side of cabinets gives you the ability to transform the space.

- Integrated appliances: concealing appliances with panels over will keep them out of sight, effectively camouflaging them to fit in with the rest of your units (E4.90 Silica Mate Roble Bronze kitchen XTONE® Calacatta Gold Nature, by Gamadecor).

Decorative accessories: when you blend your kitchen and living room spaces, you need to have an overarching aesthetic across both rooms. You could hang vintage pictures, shelves for recipe books, designer hooks or patterned containers. Use strategically-located stools or chairs, and go for models that add a dose of personality.

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