June 10, 2020

The naif style sets a trend in interior decoration

This decorative style emphasises the simplicity of spaces through pastel colours such as pink, lavender or mint green and often combines wooden furniture with wallpaper or ceramic tiles. When applied to the world of interior design, the term “naif,” which in French means “ingenuous” or “innocent”, refers to spaces of soft appearance that seek freshness […]

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27 November 2020

PORCELANOSA Group Projects: EM offices in Meliana: ergonomics and design for workplace wellbeing

Designed by studio SMBarquitectura and Nonna Design Projects, this open-plan office uses PORCELANOSA Group Premium collections to create a versatile and healthy corporate environment.  Featuring an 'inside out' design connecting the interior and exterior through a glazed façade, the headquarters of Electrica Meliana (Valencia) is a perfect example of [...]

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