Living outside

The outdoors and exclusive terraces which encourage enjoyment, leisure time and downtime. Materials which stand out on their own on balconies, terraces and rooftops. Vital wellness
July 1, 2020

Natural, eco-friendly swimming pools to cool you down in summer

Integrated into the natural ecosystem, they purify water naturally and enrich biodiversity, making them a healthier alternative for swimmers. Built in stone, wood or gravel, natural swimming pools are the best option for cooling off in summer and connecting with nature. Installing an outdoor [...]

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May 8, 2020

PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Dune House, minimalist architecture’s awakening on the shores of the Mediterranean

The Rubén Muedra Architecture Studio restores this construction in a neutral style based on the PORCELANOSA Group’s premium collections. With a minimalist style and an orientation to the exterior, Dune House features perfect views of Oliva Beach (Valencia), where dunes, the sea and architecture co-exist in one setting. This was the intention of the Rubén […]

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