Living outside

The outdoors and exclusive terraces which encourage enjoyment, leisure time and downtime. Materials which stand out on their own on balconies, terraces and rooftops. Vital wellness
June 15, 2022

Designer pools with Porcelanosa to enjoy all summer long

Infinite surfaces which open directly to the exterior and the application of natural materials are some of the latest ideas when it comes to planning these spaces. Having a swimming pool at home is a huge advantage and even more so in summer, when we are looking to our home as a refuge from the heat and where [...]

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January 27, 2022

The Dream Villa, the Stockholm home of your daydreams

Consisting of three open volumes in a blend of slate, marble and glass, this family home combines contemporary design with the Mediterranean aesthetic through Porcelanosa collections. The calm Baltic Sea is visible through infinite windows, giving the effect of the water holding up the very foundations of the house. In a rationalist architecture style [...]

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