July 20, 2022


Using green to revitalise rooms

The wide range of shades of green allow it to be used in many different interior design styles featuring wood, plants and neutral tones

Green has positioned itself as a significant trend because of the variety of settings it can create, both in homes and in public spaces. A colour that transmits feelings of peace, calm, serenity and life.

Backlighting and sophistication

The use of green as a common thread in bathrooms helps to define their style, depending on factors such as the shade chosen or its use in bathroom fixtures.

For a bathroom to be sober and elegant, green units are often used, with decorative details in neutral tones, such as beige, grey or khaki. For a fresher, livelier bathroom, the presence of white fittings provides an effective contrast with more intense greens used for wash basins or bidets.

Backlit mirrors in geometric shapes, rectangular or oval, wooden flooring or the inclusion of decorative elements in picture windows combine perfectly with matte green bathroom fittings, which may be dark green or a brighter shade (the Lounge Forest unit and the Essence C Compact Green Crocodile collection, both by Noken, for example).

The kitchen, as a key meeting point in a home, is a space deserving special care. Current trends often feature green lacquered units and white countertops that contrast with natural oak or walnut floors. These elements add a distinctive, sophisticated touch to the design of traditional kitchens, as can be seen in the E6.70 Nogal Seda E5.70 Bottle Brillo and Buffet Forest E7.90 Roble Puro, E5.90 Orégano brillo models, both by Gamadecor.

Biophilia, avant-garde and tropical ambience

Today, commercial premises, whether restaurants, shops or leisure areas where you can have a drink with friends or listen to music, try to offer their customers a unique experience that they want to repeat. Interior design is a very important part of making this experience memorable.

The search for bright, open spaces, connected to the exterior, involves using warm colours and surfaces that give a sensation of lightness, such as KRION® Lux Sage. Wicker details in chairs and lamps, wood and warm colours in furniture help to create an impression of spaciousness.

Biophilic design, used extensively outside buildings, is brought inside by the use of plants such as ficus, bonsai and dracaena, which evoke tropical settings.

Decorative aluminium panels with leaf prints in Alluslate® material such as Amazonic Light Matt by KRION® or Skins Ficus Forest and Skins Mural Vines Black papers by L'Antic Colonial are the perfect way to connect a room directly to nature. Wall cladding creates a welcoming atmosphere conducive to peace of mind and enjoyment.

Green wall tiles and decoration are complemented by furniture, low-level lighting and floor tiles in different materials. The Steel Antracita ceramic collection by Porcelanosa and Home Kaprun laminate flooring by L'Antic Colonial help to create a more intimate avant-garde style.

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