May 5, 2020

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Ideas for decorating the terrace and how to prepare it for the summer

Outdoor spaces have become the most valued and desired areas in the home. It is time to prepare the terraces for the summer with the latest trends and decorative ideas.

Good weather invites you to enjoy the outdoor spaces of the house to the fullest. One of these areas is the terrace, which in recent weeks has become a true oasis where we can “get some fresh air” within the home. With a few small decor changes, we can achieve a space that is full of light and sophistication. A much-needed corner from where we can welcome the warm weather.

The luxury of nature 

Whether a small terrace or a penthouse in the middle of the city, during the summer, the aim is to turn this space into a fresh and natural place that helps us avoid feeling fatigued by the heat. To achieve an eclectic and tropical touch, one key element is needed: natural plants. Philodendron, black velvet, Kentia palms or orchids are perfect additions to the space, they require little maintenance and can fill the terrace with colour during the summer. In addition to adding a touch of green, these elements act as natural thermal insulators that will reduce the heat island effect while purifying the air around the house.

Furniture with colourful fabrics 

Summer is synonymous with comfort, fun and light. For this reason, the choice of outdoor furniture will be fundamental to redesigning the style of the terrace and adapting it to the summer. We can use an ethnic style or a vibrant colour as a reference and integrate such elements through decorative pieces, table lamps and even fabrics. Cushions, rugs, curtains… the versatility and low economic investment of these fabrics means they can be renewed every now and again to change the ambience of this space.

Remember that the terrace is exposed to the weather, so we must ensure that both the decorative elements and the surfaces used are resistant to moisture, sun and temperature changes. Floor tiles with Outdoor technology, like the ceramic wood surfaces from Starwood, ensure that the look of the tile is preserved even in adverse weather.

Terrazas primavera venis

  1. The warmth of light

Summer terraces are associated with a comfortable, relaxed and warm atmosphere, even after sunset. Lighting is a very important decorative tool when integrating it with the environment in a harmonious and elegant way. Games of light and shadow that make the terrace the perfect space to escape from the routine and enjoy summer nights. We must bear in mind the atmosphere we want to create and then choose between warm and diffuse lighting for more romantic settings, strategically-placed LED lights for more modern terraces, or strings of fairy lights to recreate a magical ambience.

  1. Specialised materials for outdoors

We can combine the decorative elements with materials that enhance the naturalness and safety of the space. The collections from Venis with Class 3 finishes allow the installation of floor tiles inspired by the aesthetics of cement, stone and oxides, even in very humid areas such as the swimming pool, guaranteeing safety and visual continuity. 

The Metropolitan series, for example, fuses oxide with cement, maintaining the technical characteristics of ceramics. Its low porosity means it is a floor and/or wall tile that is resistant to humidity, contact with water and harsh weather. This is something to consider to prevent our terraces from deteriorating over time.


  1. A retreat for enjoying the summer

Where we can read our favourite book, relax in the fresh air or sunbathe. Installing a hammock, deck chair, hanging chair or Bali bed will make it possible to decorate the terrace with style and create a relaxing and comfortable space. As with outdoor furniture, we need to make sure the chairs and beds can resist high temperatures. To achieve a more natural style, we can choose natural materials such as wood, wicker or synthetic neutral coloured rattan. Another option is irregular contour cement tiles, so characteristic of Mediterranean-style terraces. This look is possible with the Baltimore or Newport collections from Venis, inviting us to enjoy the summer in our favourite area of the home.


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